This week in st00pid

We have a winner! 

Nutcase Christians are SUING a California school, because ZOMFG!!!!111111!!,

"They’re teaching children how to think and how to make decisions, ... how to look within for peace and for comfort."

The Horror! 

Relax,  it's a yoga class.

Republicans in four states ban sustainable development.   Destroying the planet, y'see,  is our only defense against the UN coming to take away our tin foil hats.

We're being 'infiltrated' by Al Jazeera.   From Fox, where else?

In Virginia  25 guess which party congresspersonsorganisms tried to keep a law on the books that made it a crime for unmarried people to live together. Y'know, like in 1825.  "Lewd and lascivious" it is, yes, to which we can all raise a glass while we laugh at them.

If I put in all the stoopid things cops do, would I ever finish? I dunno, but here's the Tennessee Buckeye Bust. money quote:
"It's just amazing they could be that dumb"

and finally

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