New Lynx


Psychedelic ants!

What's cuter than a baby sloth? A baby sloth that gives you flowers.

Pussy, explained    I suck at this word.  When it comes to insults am I the only one who thinks of a scared little pussycat, not a body organ or something sexist?  This commenter clears it all up. 

Earlier I mentioned that the Italians are going after the Vatican Crime Syndicate, like they should, but WOW:
They're going to make the Catholic Church start paying taxes!  WOOT!

 Employers can't chain you to your workbench anymore, since that pesky Emancipation business, but Tesco is finding a way around it.  Motorola Arm-mounted Terminals, soon to include Remote Tazer Capability? 

The NY Times tells where babies come from, sometimes.

Remember that American Homeland CEO who told those lazy Frenchmen he'd rather invest in Chinese slave labor? Me neither!  Well, guess who are the most productive people in the world? Ha! 

This country's problems, explained with headlines

 Canadian Senator Mike Duffy’s seven-step guide to handling a crisis like a pro

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