Irony, cubed

So I saw these two headlines right next to each other

and I LOL'd.  Duhhhh, yeah.   So then I read the certified idiot's post and he's all about how it ain't guns, it's mental illness. It's laying on the irony pretty thick for a politician from Scarolina, taking Jim Demental's place no less, to talk about mental illness, but he missed the whole point, no surprise.

We gots a president who maintains a kill list. The mafia does that. Serial killers do that. not the president of your country, unless you live in a  third world shithole, mmm ...  never mind.  So here's the entire government wanting to detain people without trial, hold them indefinitely, and TORTURE THEM, and a dickhead talking about "moral decay" is referring to something else? 

I give up.

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