Why I've never liked Mitt Romney

When you see someone or something that is small, weak, clearly out of its element and helpless, then what? My impulse is to try and help. Not this guy.

He's in the middle of a Very Important Speech, trying to impress the world that he's a Very Important Professional, but all that goes out the window when he sees a bug on the floor. You might think that little guy was insignificant to interrupt a major policy discussion over, but not Willard

 "Wait! Here's a chance for me to kill something!" 

 then he runs what?, four steps, clear across the stage, to go and stomp on it.

 Watch the video [can't embed it, sorry] and ask, was that really necessary or appropriate? and why did he feel the need to do it at all? Yeah, it's "just a bug", but remember ‘whatsoever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.’

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