Atheists, Death, and Priorities

Singer Fiona Apple is on a worldwide tour. Well, not now she isn't, because why? Because her dog is dying. Now some of you are saying So what? That's no reason bla bla  but you are dicks. The rest of you should read this totes heartwarming (unless you're a dick) letter explaining why she is cutting off her tour. This part stands out

she is coming close to the time where she will stop being a dog, and start instead to be part of everything. She'll be in the wind, and in the soil, and the snow, and in me, wherever I go.
That's beautiful. It's how I've always dealt with my baby son's being dead, but not gone--never gone. The fantasy that I will see him as a little boy again can be hugely seductive, and people wonder how atheists can get along without it. This is how. It's comforting, and it's real.  He's with me always, and soon I'll be in the wind, the trees, and the stars along with him. And Janet and Fiona.

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