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What country, inquiring minds want to know, are Puerto Rico and Guatamala in?  WTF, you say? Here's a handy map to help, taken from the vast empty spaces between the ears of East Haven's mayor after he was asked

why he selected a man  
“of Puerto Rican descent as opposed to one from the dominant group of Ecuadorians,” 
the clueless bigot blathered 
“I picked a Latino. Did it have to come from a certain section of the country?”
Yes, he really said "it". Not clear if the country he's referring to is the GOOD OLD U! S! A! or that one south of here where they all speak Latin and come up here to do our laundry.

It's all good though. All that "biased policing, unconstitutional searches and seizures, and the use of excessive force"?  No problem, we'll just have us some tacos. That'll make the darkies happy, wherever they come from.

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