the $31000 parking ticket

Everybody parks. If we park too long we have to pay. Same for everybody. Fair, right?

Well, if I get a parking ticket, it costs me 2% of my income;
 the same ticket costs Mitt Romney .00009% of his. 
Not to pick on Willard, but this has always bugged me. It's a public street, everyone has the same access to it--HAHA!  Why can't I pay my fine in Romney bucks, .00009% of my income? Keep the whole nickle, what the hell. 

Now that Mr. Dog abuser is in the news ...
Last night I had a good night's sleep, eight hours in fact. I assume he did too. While I slept,

I got paid nothing.
He got $9,152.00 

for sleeping.
Here's an income calculator, so you can figure out how much you earn while you sleep. If you have any investments that is.

Here's an even cooler one that shows what things cost in Mittbucks.  Two grand for a cup of coffee, anyone?

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