Sexual Pagans, Woot

LOL, get this: the Southern Baptist Convention—you know the guys who started their own church so they could own slaves—has an “Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission”. For more irony, their Ayatollah is called Dick Land. He was let out in public last weekend and babbled that

They're recruiting down in the grade school levels. They're recruiting people for homosexual clubs and it's really child abuse is what it is. You need to find out what's going on in your school.
Yep, it's readin', ritin', and rapin', that's what's going on in Dickland. 

You need to ask your children what's going on, you need to see what books their reading, you need to know what the teacher is talking about because, I'm telling you, they are trying to brainwash our children in the public schools.
And I'm telling you the mice on the far side of the moon are riding paisley chocolate bicycles.

It's the one sin that I know about that I find totally incomprehensible. But obviously some boys do find it comprehensible, because otherwise there wouldn’t be any homosexuality.
All lesbians would disappear if not for gay boys. We owe those gay boys a huge thanks. Thank you gay boys.

Even if you take out AIDS, male homosexuals die much earlier than heterosexual males do because of the inherently dangerous - health dangerous stuff that they engage in. But I don't think that's the big issue - I think that's a side issue. I think the real issue is they want to destroy marriage.
IOW, I just realized I'm going off on a tangent that undermines my point. Don't notice me withdraw my foot from my mouth and completely change the subject.

The alternative is not live and let live - it is the marginalization and the ostracizing of people of traditional faith.
Yeah, you just said them dying is not a big issue. Ostracizing the people who are killing them, now that's awful.

And it will be the full-blown paganization.
Pagans, woot! Respect for nature, pacifism, religious tolerance. Wait—all homosexuals are pagans, whut? And was 'full-blown' a Freudian slip?

You know, they have already started talking about polyamory and pedophilia. They're going to start talking now about lowering the age of consent - they are already starting to talk about it, saying who are we to deprive a child of his or her sexuality?
We talk about it mostly when you fundies get arrested for it, saying who are these guys to turn their children into underaged sex slaves? Your Mercator-sized projection doesn't quite cover your ass.

And we’re going to end up like Greece and Rome.
Ummm, I guess you didn't know it, but Rome converted to Christianity. 'Nuff said?

If this dam breaks, the tidal wave will be just an outright sexual paganization of society.
OOOH, not just pagans—sexy pagans. Fertility rites! Naked orgies, and beer volcanoes, bring it. Gays will be welcome, and it'll be a big improvement over going around all obsessed. repressed and depressed. It'll be fabulous. I can't wait.

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