Hey, I'm Royalty

So I'm sitting against an oak tree, scribbling notes, got my bare feet nestled in leaf pack, contented. The wind blows up above and down comes a cascade of little flags. Suddenly, it's snowing leaves! I'm showered with Mother Nature's confetti, just like flower petals strewn in front of visiting royalty. I feel honored, and it's just so fucking PLEASANT!

By my front porch is a rose bush, bursting out with bright red fragrant flowers. Which is odd, because it bloomed last spring too, so what's it doing now in October?  Too much good stuff, it makes me want to sing ---

*On a side note, I love raking leaves.  They're gifts from the gods, freely given without concern for whether I have the soul to recognize their crucial role in sustaining my own very life. When I get a big pile of them I feel like Scrooge* with his money bin.

*Am I dating myself with that analogy? Might as well, nobody else is.

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