Dinosaurs in the Koran

The picture in that last post really works for me. If you put a lot of livestock on a boat--a wooden boat--they're gonna break outta their stalls just as sure as water is wet, so Duh....this is how it would end: but it bothered me that the ark was on fire--it's not like animals throw bombs at each other. I just hadn't thought this through.

If cow farts cause global warming, it's a sure bet they'd cause ark-al warming. Methane comes from decomposing waste, and this article estimates the animals would have produced 25,000 tons of (sh)it, and the ark only had one itty-bitty window for ventilation, so this is how I picture it went down: one of the eight crew members, fumbling around in the pitch dark below decks, sticking his fingers into cow crap and dino snouts, gets fed up and lights a match. A giraffe lets one rip and blowtorches the match into a pocket of methane, sets everything on fire, blows the sides out of T-Rex's pen and seriously pisses him off. It ends as you see in the picture.
All perfectly logical; you don't see anymore dinosaurs around, now do ya?

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