The quote is from Rep Kevin Cramer (R-nether regions) talking about hungry children.

Some context

The Boehner-led House in the 112th Congress passed the fewest number of bills since that number started being tracked in 1947.  ... Not working is part of their two-prong strategy, along with only voting on pretend things, like fake Obamacare repeals


They worked nine days in September, and two in August. They only bothered to show up for work 18% of the time--and for that they skipped off with $29,000.00. That's EACH.  It's $2,636 dollars per day, and altogether they cost the taxpayers seven million dollars.  For all that loot, they must've got hella work done, amirite? BWA HA HA HA HA, see above.

And they call us moochers.


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