What the hell's an abortion clinic?

Texas wants to close "abortion clinics".  What ARE those? It brings a picture to mind--line of pregnant women in the front and a conveyor belt feeding the dumpster out back. Exactly what the revengelicals want us to picture, but it only exists in the splatter movie in their minds.

An "Abortion Clinic" would be a place where they do abortions, right?  like a grocery store is a place that sells groceries, and a gun shop is a place that sells guns, and not roses. You wouldn't go to a muffler shop to get pizza, and you wouldn't go to an abortion mill to get cancer screening, you'd go to a cancer screen clinic, except there's no such thing coz they call them abortion clinics WTF?  Autozone sells candy bars, that doesn't make them a candy store. Walmart occasionally takes out their garbage, does that make them a garbage store?

When revengelicals say "Abortion Clinic" they usually mean Planned Parenthood, but PP is a  Breast Exam-PapTest-Contraceptive-STD Treatment-Prenatal-Physical Exam-Fertility Clinic. Does a lot of other stuff too, like vasectomies--why doesn't anyone call it a Vasectomy Clinic?

PP is no "Abortion Clinic" or abortion mill, it's a Health Clinic. They're goddam doctor's offices!  That's what the right wingers want to close--they're not stopping abortions, they're keeping women from seeing doctors.  They frame the debate by twisting the language around with 1984 terms for things, and they're really good at it.  How about we quit playing their game by talking about "Abortion Clinics", as if there was such a thing?

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