I can't decide which is more awesome--this guy, or what happened to him. He high fives bear cubs!!! and their mother saves him ??! when a cougar attacks him !!?  Whut???

Gimmme an "F"!  Hey, if that's what your students want. Classic catch-22.

In the race to the 13th century, we pull ahead of Saudi Arabia by jailing rape victims.

I can relate, I was carded until my late forties, but I was never arrested  for buying beer.

Cultural relativity, child rape, health care, education, this raises so many issues I don't know where to start. It hurts to even know about a 10 YEAR OLD having a baby!!!  And why are kids reaching puberty younger and younger?

Failed author** and successful dickhead Rick Warren says Mormons aren't Christians, they're different in the fundament way because they don't believe 3=1 
Real Christians know that three angels can dance on the head of a pin, or just one, or something.
**Three times I checked his stupid book out of the library and tried to read it, and just couldn't. Three. The one called 'Atlas Shrugged About His Purpose Driven Life'

Vertical gardens?  58 year old fuckwit asks “Sure, it looks nice but what good does it do?”and gets pwned by 17 year old: “It’s pretty,” he said. “And it’s great for shade". Not to mention it cleans up the atmosphere so you can fucking BREATHE, asshat. Well, so that kid can breath, that's doing good.

Comment of the Day: on Tennessee's new morality laws

Talk about laughing my arse off! America has gone barking insane, you do get that the rest of the world think you have become a sick joke right? Look at those countries with early and comprehensive sex education programmes and compare teen pregnancy rates to the USA which has 52 births to 15 to 19 yr olds per 1000 births.

Finland 9.2 per 1000.
Denmark 8.1 per 1000.
Sweden 6.5 per 1000.
The Netherlands 6.2 per 1000.
Switzerland 5.5 per 1000.

STD rates show a similar correlation.

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