Satan Wins!!

College student Cristen Hemmins was kidnapped, raped and shot twice. That's not enough for heartless  sociopath Phil Bryant (R-United Methodists), who wants to force her to bear and raise her rapist's children.

 "Why can't you men have any sympathy for women like me?"
Chisten asks.
"Yeah, no shit why?"
I echo, and add
"Why is this evil prick Lt. governor of Mississippi instead of in an institution?
If  this slobberingly idiotic personhood bill passes, sez the evil prick,
ZOMG!!    Well, LOL! Guess what?

He did it!  Satan won! Yay, Go Satan!   

I start out my day with a smile, knowing that Al Queda of Mississippi lost, and go to pet my kitteh, Lucy Fur.   (^_^)

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