the Rights of the Born

Just had a go at articulating my position on this whole issue of "Fertilized Eggs Are People just like corporations".

Miltie sez:

I do believe the vast majority of abortions are performed on women who just do not want their pregnancies to come to term because giving birth would just be inconvenient, and clash with their lifestyle.
And he says he is ready to listen. But of course he wasn't. Later he said this:

Am I the only one in this forum that is truly for freedom? As in the freedom of the unborn to life? Is a baby inside the womb a worthless jumble of cells, unworthy of life and the rights of those outside?

To which I say:

It's good to see that we both agree, as I too am totally for freedom. I will be moving in on Thursday.

For the first half year or so I will give you a debilitating, possibly fatal, physical condition that will leave lifelong changes to your body even without the likely major surgery; then I will demand your constant attention every waking moment for many years, without regard to how this will affect your health, earning power or quality of life.
You will of course provide me with adequate housing, food, clothing, education, medical care and other needs even if it drives you into bankruptcy, for the next eighteen years.

It's good to see that you are truly for freedom and recognize that those of us outside the womb are not just a worthless jumble of cells, unworthy of life and the rights of a blastocyst.

(BTW, my arrival will be Cash On Delivery to the tune of several thousand dollars. Have it ready.)

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