Dr. Loretta Mayer was studying diseases associated with menopause, and developed a drug that induced menopause in female lab mice by eliminating eggs in the ovaries without surgery. They dubbed it "mouseopause". That sounds funny, but it's really a huge thing.

It led to a version for rats, that are hell on rice fields in Indonesia, and then the director of the Navajo tribal animal shelter told her

 'If you could do for a dog what you do for a mouse, I wouldn't have to kill 400 animals a month,'

So Mayer developed a drug for female dogs that can be administered orally or by injection, and they're using now it in India to control feral dog populations. It and some other drugs like it are working their way through to FDA approval, and the Arizona state Legislature already altered their state's laws to allow them to be used. This can't come soon enough!

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