Deaf and Dumb

The "dumb" part is the attackers, and it's not an inability to speak, it's an inability to fucken think. Ignorancen times viciousnessn = these assholes.

"sign language is his only mode of communication", they say. Would they have said "Spanish is his only means of communication"? How about, "ASL is his only means of communication language". Would they say "Speaking is his only means of communication? It's fucking language, people!   There are people who speak other languages, believe it or not.

We were  chatting in the cafeteria  once, about some dogs that were outside, and a dimbulb arose hisself up from the table between us and the window, swaggered over to our table and sez he knowed we wuz a-talkin' him, cuz he done seed us a-pointin right at him.  Pointing is a pronoun in ASL, referring to the dog, in this case, but seeing as how the dog had more sense than him, we just told him to piss off. As if,  we had nothing better than him to talk about.

So I knew you could catch shit for using that language, but stabbed?   Fucking gang signs?

I'm speechless.

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JoƩ McKen said...

Well, the attacker was (presumably) in a gang, himself, so it’s not like one could reasonably expect any sign of intelligence from such a thug.