An introduction

Hi, I'm Uzza. Long ago everyone in Sumer knew me, and my sisters and I were worshipped all over the Mideast. Then these upstarts came along with this new 'Islam', and things have been downhill ever since. They have this thing the Quran, that I put off reading for 14 centuries or so, but it looks like they're here to stay so I finally got around to picking it up and reading it, and I blogged all my reactions. Then I started on that 'Bible' thing, since that stupid 'Christian' religion has been a pain in the ass even longer.

Don't be surprised I'm not all polite and respectful, 'cause we had a good thing going until this little punk Abraham came along, and then Jesus, and Mohammed. I have to admit I'm a little pissed, I mean we had a perfectly good moon to worship, and goddesses. What kind of guys would rather read a book than get drunk and have naked pagan orgies?

If this goes on for a few more millennia I may be tempted to just wipe them all out and start over. I don't think I'll have to though, 'cause they look like they're about set to do it to themselves. In the meantime, they're funny to watch.


Marzie said...

Uzza is awesome. :)

Andrew Scott said...

Marzie, I totally agree. One of the best blogs I have ever seen.

Abusahan said...

Hi, Hanybaal from JMG
Uzza is a female name, I recognized it since I'm Ex-Muslim Arab Queer. If you're a fellow Middle Eastern, I'd like to make your acquaintance. Hany Baal on FB. please delete comment or FB address when you read this)
Too bad there isn't a way to send private msgs on Disqus